Immersion. It takes you out of your present moment. You are focused on what is in front of you, around you.  Sometimes you are trying to figure it out.  Sometimes you are just in the experience, taking it in, feeling it with all your senses.  You forget about your schedule, worries, problems.  You just experience.


I want the viewer to be immersed in the piece; to momentarily forget their life and their "to-do" list. I want them to be unable to resist reaching out and spinning a wheel. And then smile, laugh, and try it again.

I make sculpture that is interactive, immersive, and fun. I am interested in how the viewer will engage with the piece and what emotions can be evoked. Will they touch it, play with it, climb on it? How can I draw them in?

Whether I am using simple, everyday materials, (bicycle wheels) or technology, (interactive beacons), I want the audience to participate with each piece. I am interested in movement, how people interact with their environment, how we move as individuals and how I can create movement around or in reaction to a piece.

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